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cheese and wine eveningWe have added extra dates to our cheese and wine diary, including some Friday and Saturday options.

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Redeeming my Open Date Voucher

What is an Open Date Voucher?

Open Date Vouchers entitle you to a place at any one of our cheese and wine tasting events being held at Averys, subject to availability.

They are a great gift idea where you are unsure of the availability of the recipient.  So rather than specifying a set date for the event you leave it open to the recipient to contact us and book themselves on a tasting event date that works best for them.

How do I redeem my Open Date Voucher?

Just let us know which date you would like to book on, along with your name, contact details and open date voucher numbers (1 voucher number per place).

You can see which dates are available on the cheese and wine tasting event page or the ticket page of the online shop.

You can contact us to redeem your voucher by using the form below.

Contact Name:
Open Voucher Numbers:
Any other information:

Terms and Conditions

Open Date Vouchers are valid (i.e. can be redeemed) for up to 1 year from the date of issue.

We recognise that sometimes things happen which mean you may not be able to attend the event you are booked on.  Where we have 4 weeks notice or more we will always refund or move you to another available evening of your choice.  Where we have less notice than this we cannot guarantee we will be able to do this, however we will always try and resell the tickets and where we are able to do this we will refund you or move you to another evening of your choice.


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